What to Expect in the Next Presidential Election USA

The 2016 presidential election in the United States of America is certain to be one of the most closely watched elections in years. The primaries for the Republicans and the Democrats have been heated. Now both parties seem to be nearing an official nominee to represent them in the election. Here is what the next presidential election USA will probably look like.

The Democrat

After a long and grueling nomination process, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton has nearly enough delegates to become her party’s nominee. Bernie Sanders, a senator from Vermont, has spent a lot of time on the campaign trail seeking to catch up with her. Despite a series of recent victories in several states, he has not managed to get enough delegates to give himself a solid chance of winning the nomination for his party.

Unless something dramatic happens, Clinton will soon be the presidential nominee for the Democrats, and then she will be able to get her presidential campaign underway. As a former first lady, senator from New York, and secretary of state, she has a lot of experience that will serve her well in the presidential race. She is also friends with many influential politicians in her party who will help her as she runs for president.

The Republican

For Republicans, choosing a presidential nominee has been just as difficult as with the Democrats. Businessman and television star Donald Trump has caused his rivals to drop out one by one, with only two sticking around. Senator Ted Cruz from Texas and Ohio governor John Kasich were the only other Republicans to last long. Now even they have left the race.

As with Clinton, Trump cannot yet be sure he is the nominee for his party, but at this point it seems almost certain. If so, many voters are tired of politicians from Washington ignoring the will of the people, and Trump claims to represent the average person. This populist appeal could cause people to not mind his occasionally controversial statements and end up getting him to the White House.

It appears that the presidential election will come down to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Some believe the 2016 election could be the most contentious one in a long time. Regardless, whoever wins will shape America’s future for years to come.

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